Training Courses

Institute for Learning & Professional Development (ILPD)

Institute for Learning and Professional Development (ILPD) is a dvision of iFahja Consulting that focuses on providng training and professional development courses. At iFahja, we are keen to provide our clients with opportunities to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills of their employees. This enables our clients to deliver the full potential of their human resource.

The professional development courses that ILPD offers are equally important for students, graduates and professionals. With these courses individuals tend to have some added advantage when it comes to professional life specially when they are able to speak clearer and get their message across. These courses make their independence come out from them and they start thinking more strategically and more professionally. We also provide career guidance and help in study abroad. ILPD offers workshops/training courses in the following areas:

  • IT courses (Cisco, Java, Android, PhP, Microsoft, Software Programming etc)
  • Technology coruses (Electrical & Eletronics, Micro-controllers, Telcommunication and Computer Systems Engineering)
  • Organisational and professional development
  • Leadership, Management and Team Development
  • Business Courses
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Proposed Short courses

At the moment, we offer training courses only to groups.

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TitleDuration (Days)Project Based Duration (Days)
Electrical / Electronics4 weeks6 weeks
VB .net4 weeks6 weeks
C#4 weeks6 weeks
Java4 weeks6 weeks
Android Application Development4 weeks6 weeks
iOS Applications Development4 weeks6 weeks
Web Fundamentals with Web Designing4 weeks6 weeks
Web Development with PHP (Including OOP)4 weeks6 weeks
Web Development With ASP .net4 weeks6 weeks
Joomla (Content Management System)4 weeks6 weeks
Word Press (Content Management System)4 weeks6 weeks
Objective C4 weeks6 weeks
Ruby on Rails4 weeks6 weeks

For further details and course outline’s click on your desire course or check the left hand menu’s