Management Information Systems (MIS)

Our IT4Efficiency team develops bespoke software solutions/applications to meet our customer’s requirements. We also provide consultancy in the following areas:

  • IT project management
  • Business Information Management
  • Application software development
  • Adding or enhancing features to customer’s existing software.
  • Management of existing databases
  • Database development

We have developed a range of Management Information Systems (MIS) that manage your businesses/orgnaisations efficiently and effectively. Our MIS Systems encompass three primary components: technology, people (individuals, groups, or organizations), and data/information. These components help in data management and data analysis which prove extremely helpful in decision making. Some of the typical modules in our MIS systems are:

  • Tracking inventory
  • Employees (including employee’s details, salaries, performance and attendance)
  • Customers/Clients/Students records
  • Arrears
  • Accounts (Billing, Sales and Profit/Loss records)
  • Stock Record
  • Store Records

Our MIS systems are designed to give the following benefits:

  • Data/information for decision making
  • Analyze and facilitate strategic and operational activities in the organization
  • Help in finding ways for cost reduction and improving business processes and operations
  • Gives you an overall picture of your business/company and shows business performance
  • Feedback from employees, customers and clients

iFahja has developed the following Management Information Systems. For further details about a specific MIS, click on the image. Alternatively, you can also contact us on