Web Development with PHP (Including OOP)

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Course Outline:

Sr. #Topics
1.Introduction to web development with PHP

  • The architecture of a web application
  • The Product Discount application
  •  edit and test a PHP application
2.Coding a PHP application

  • Basic PHP skills
  • The Product Discount application
  • Coding control statements
  • Using the PHP documentation
3.Introduction to relational databases and MySQL

  • An introduction to relational databases
  • The SQL statements for data manipulation
  • An introduction to MySQL
  • Using phpMyAdmin
4.Using PHP with a MySQL database

  • PHP for working with MySQL
  • Getting data from a result set
  • The Product Viewer application
  • The Product Manager application
5.Testing and debugging a PHP application
6.Working with form data

  • Getting data from a form
  • Displaying data on a web page
7. Coding control statements

  • Coding conditional expressions
  • Coding  the selection structures
  • Coding the iteration structures
8Working with strings and numbers

  • Working with strings
  • Working with numbers
  • Other skills for working with strings and numbers
9Working with dates

  • Using timestamps to work with dates
  • Using objects to work with dates
10 Creating and using arrays

  • Creating  and use an array
  • Creating and use an associative array
  • Using functions to work with arrays
  • Working with arrays of arrays
11 Creating and using functions

  • Basic skills for working with functions
  • Creating and use a library of functions
  • Advanced skills for working with functions
12Using regular expressions, handling exceptions, and validating data

  • Using regular expressions
  • Handling exceptions
13Using Sessionsand restricting access to websites
14Using Image Captcha
15Using Classes and Objects

  • Object Oriented Programming concepts
  • Introduction to Classes and Objects
  • Using Classes and Functions in PHP