As part of our consultancy business, we have been very successful in the Power and Energy Sector. We help out clients make effective use of technology (software applications, IT solutions and systems) to increase productivity and people’s skills and experience.

We offer a range of bespoke services catering for potential clients with different budgets and needs. We conduct analysis of business processes, people, technology and market research, and work on various aspects of the project including design, research, development, testing and training. Our focus is to provide environmental friendly solutions including solutions for reducing the carbon foot print of IT. This also results in huge savings. We also help and advise in cost reduction, core system replacements and developing/customising applications to integrate clients’ systems.

We have multi-disciplinary skills in our dedicated team of professionals and researchers. This enables maximum use of the crossover benefits of working in both the consultancy and R&D sectors. iFAHJA provides access to consultancy and advisory services in the areas of:

  • Power and Energy
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Telecommunications
  • Embedded Systems
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer System Engineering
  • Communication Networks

We also assist in producing reports, manuals and proposals.

Power and Energy Sector

The power and energy sector is our most active sector. We have been working with clients like Pak Energy Solutions, WAPDA (Water AND Power Development Authority) and other power/energy suppliers in Pakistan. Pakistan has severe shortage of energy. Our aim is to efficiently utilize the existing resources of our clients and to minimize the losses wherever possible. Typical areas include Network Asset Management and Design & Construction Specifications. We provide consultancy services to our clients in these areas and also help them in the design and development of solutions/products wherever needed.

Recently developed products include:

    • Online Sine Wave UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply)
    • Industrial Automation for efficient utilization of energy resources
    • my Smart Remote

Online Sine Wave UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply)

This product is aimed at achieving efficiency in terms of energy consumption, performance, accuracy and reliability.

Scope & Back Ground of the Project

Pakistan is facing severe energy crisis and the lack of energy resources is causing loss of billions of dollars to our national economy. This product is aimed at achieving efficiency in terms of energy consumption, performance, accuracy and reliability.

The traditional UPS available in the market are based on square wave outputs and they do not have the feature of power factor correction. These UPS are less efficient, consumes more energy and lack accuracy and reliability due to the noise generation in the output. These UPS cannot be used for high tech equipments because they significantly reduce the lifetime of these costly equipments. At the same time, because of their less accuracy and reliability these UPS cannot be used for applications that require high level of accurate measurements and readings (like some ultrasound, FTIR, UV spectrometers, compression control systems in CNG pumps and other medical applications). For these applications that require high level of accuracy, sine wave UPS are used which are imported from abroad. These imported UPS are very costly and at the same time these are not customisable. Provided by international suppliers, their maintenance and support is also limited, costly, time consuming and inconvenient.


• Sine wave

• Triple conversion

• Power factor efficient

• Filters noise

• Stabilisation of outputs

• Efficient and controlled charging of batteries

• Improves life time of batteries as well as the appliances

• Energy Efficiency – The developed sine wave UPS is more energy efficient than the traditional square wave UPS.

• Improved life time of appliances – The sine wave UPS improves the average life time of the appliances as compared to the average life time of appliances with traditional UPS.

• Improved Reliability – The  sine wave UPS are more reliable than the traditional UPS

Benefits of the Projects

• Local availability of low cost  sine wave UPS

• Local availability, support and maintenance – The final product is manufactured locally and it enables us to provide local support and maintenance. This reduces maintenance cost and inconveniences/delays.

• Customisable – The product developed locally can be easily customisable to meet the industry needs. We would be in a position to produce a product of any power rating and sizes/features.

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my Smart Remote – This product is a complete system that comprises of a bluetooth based hardware unit and a smart phone application. The main aim of the product is to overcome the need of keys and state of the art remote control device for automobiles. Bringing the control of various parameters of the car on your palm (smart phone) brings in improved security, convenience and cost reduction. Some of the benefits include:

  • No need of carrying bulky keys in pocket
  • Use of one mobile phone for multiple keys of multiple cars
  • No tension if you leave keys inside car, even if you leave your mobile in car
  • Cool down car when parked in hot summer
  • Warm up car when parked in chilling winter
  • Illegitimate persons would not be able to make copies of your keys
  • Unlimited free copies of your keys (for legitimate users)
  • Improve security and safety
  • Many more features (coming in the future versions) …..

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