Joomla Course

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Course Outline:

Sr. #Topics
1.An Overview of Open Source Software (OSS)

  • Open Source vs Closed Source
  • Examples of OSS
2.Joomla Overview

  • What is Joomla?
  • Features of Joomla
  • Understanding WAMP
 3.Installing & Configuring Joomla

  • Installing WampServer
  • Creating a Website Folder
  • Copy the Joomla Files
  • ·         Configuring the Joomla Web Installer
 4.The Joomla Interface

  • Understanding The Frontend and Backend of Joomla
  • Login as a Super User
  • ·         The Joomla Control Panel
 5.Creating Content

  • Creating Categories
  • Creating Categorised or Uncategorised Articles
  • Inserting Images/Graphics Into Articles
  • Inserting the Read More Option Into Articles
  • Filtering & Sorting Articles
  • Featuring Articles on the Home Page
  • Viewing Your Website
  • ·         Setting the Options for Articles
 6.Adding Menu Items

  • Adding a Single Article Menu Item
  • Adding a List All Categories Menu Item
  • Changing the Layout From Blog Layout
  • Adding a Category List Menu Item
  • ·         Changing the Menu Order
 7.Joomla Extension Types

  • What is a Component?
  • What is a Module?
  • What is a Plugin?
  • What is a Template?
  • ·         What is Language?
 8.Adding Modules

  • Enabling Module Position Viewing
  • Viewing the Module Positions
  • Changing Module Positions
  • Logging in  From the Frontend to Edit Content
  • Adding the Search Module
  • Creating an HTML Module


 9.Joomla Content Editor (JCE)

  • Installing the Joomla Content Editor
  • Reset the Editor Styling
  • Changing the Editor to JCE
  • Viewing the New Editor
  • Linking Articles Internally
  • Creating External Weblinks
  • Creating File Downloads


 10.Access Control Levels (ACL)

  • Default User Groups
  • Creating a Group
  • Viewing Access Levels
  • Creating and Assigning an Access Level
  • Changing the Access Level of an Item
  • Adding a New Users


 11.Joomla Templates

  • Viewing Joomla Templates
  • Types of Templates
  • Default Joomla Templates
  • Changing the Default Template for a Website
  • Previewing a Joomla Template
  • Installing a Template
  • Changing the Logo/Header


 12.Basic Search Engine Optimisation

  • Adding Suffixes to URLs
  • Using Cache
  • Clearing the Cache
  • Using Gzip
  • Enabling the Joomla Search Component
  • Creating Alternative Read More Text
  • Removing Article Title from Read More
  • Updating the Meta Tags Settings for Articles
  • Adding a Site Map


 13.Adding a Photo Gallery

  • Installing a Photo Gallery Component
  • Creating Folders for the Photos
  • Uploading the Photos
  • Adding a Gallery Menu Item



  • Inserting a Header Rotator/Slider
  • ·         Playing Videos on Your Website
 15.Backing Up Your Website

  • About Akeeba Backup
  • Installing Akeeba Backup
  • Configuring Akeeba Backup
  • Creating a Backup Copy of Your Website
  • Downloading Your Backup Archives